Snap Click Booth is dedicated to providing a safe environment for you and your guests to enjoy a fun and memorable time in our photo booths. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are taking extra steps to help keep everyone healthy and safe. 

hand sanitizer setup at a photo booth


  • Our staff have been trained on our COVID-19 safety plan.
  • Staff will not attend your event if they feel unwell. A replacement staff member will be sent.
  • Staff will practice social distancing & good hygiene.
  • Our staff are vaccinated against covid-19.
  • We recommend that people who intend to use the photo booth are fully vaccinated.


  • Photo booth staff will practice social distancing where req.
  • We encourage the use of face masks where it is difficult to maintain physical distance. 
  • The booth will be set up to provide entry and exit points to create a flow for guests to travel through the photo booth.
  • To avoid crowding we suggest guests are invited to the photo booth table by table or in small groups.
  • Physical distancing is encouraged in the photo booth area and whilst queuing for the photo booth. 
  • Where possible extra room for the photo booth to be set up shall be provided to allow guests more room around the booth for queuing and to support physical distancing.


  • Adequate ventilation is to be maintained by the venue.
  • Use of outdoor settings wherever possible is encouraged. So long as the setup area is clean and complies with the booking conditions.
  • In indoor areas, increase natural ventilation by opening windows and doors where possible.


  • All photo booth equipment will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised prior to each event. 
  • A hand sanitising station will be provided at the photo booth area.
  • Frequently touched areas will be cleaned throughout the hire period with antibacterial wipes and spray.
  • Staff & guests to practice personal hygiene and hand wash/sanitise regularly throughout the event.
  • Props and prop signs may be used, Wipes and disinfectant spray will be provided to clean props.
  • If having a guest book, hand sanitiser will be provided to use prior to writing in the book. Disinfectant wipes will be provided to wipe down the pens and table periodically.


  • We will keep a record of this covid 19 safety plan at our business premises.
  • We will keep a copy of our plan posted on our website.
  • Customers will be advised of or covid safety plan and be provided with a copy or instructions on how to access via our website. 


COVID-19 Information

Ventilation Guidance